Plastigauge / Gap gauge Plastic Thread

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This "tool" is nothing more than a very thin and soft plastic thread, which can be used to determine the operating clearance of the sliding bearings in the engine in a few seconds. For the measurement, the bearing halves and the shaft (main, crank, camshaft bearing) must be assembled according to the specifications, but place a piece of PLASTIGAUGE in the gap as shown in the picture on the right.

The plastic fiber in the gap flattens in proportion to the bearing gap and becomes accessible after repeated disassembly. The size of the bearing clearance can be determined directly using the attached scale.

There are 10 measuring threads in one package, one thread is enough to check the main bearings and crank bearings of a four-cylinder in-line engine.

The measuring thread is soft, cannot damage the parts in any way, and can be wiped off the surfaces after use.

In addition to bearing gap measurement, it is also suitable for checking the flatness of the cylinder head and the deviation and concentricity of cylindrical mating surfaces (flushes). The theoretical accuracy of the method is one thousandth of a millimeter!

Available in three size ranges:
PL-X 0.018 -0.045 mm: mainly for motorcycles
PL-A 0.025 -0.175 mm: for general use
PL-B 0.1-0.25 mm: for general use

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