Performance Tuning Education

Reserve your place at one of our unique Performance Tuning Courses! Our goal is to impart practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Each module is an independent subject, so you don't have to enroll in every module if you're not interested in a particular topic.  Also financially it is less burdensome if you have to pay only for the module that you are interested in.

Dyno testing and analysis with the students!

At our courses, you can learn about the materials used in motorsport, the principles of frames and chassis, as well as the theoretical background and practical techniques for increasing the performance of 2- and 4-stroke engines.

Dyno testing and analysis with the students!

Small group tution. Tuning of your own engine is possible, but must be agreed beforehand.

Education on weekends.

Location: Szentes

HUF 55 thousand (plus VAT) per occasion/per module.

For more information click on the link:

Tuning Workshops | ABZ Engine Tuning

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